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Our Tel Aviv Street Art Tour takes you inside the city’s street art and graffiti scene, which serves as a unique expression of the city’s geographical location, cultural peculiarities, political movements and artistic sub-cultures. Tel Aviv’s street art tells a story, a multitude of stories, written on the city’s walls and it often takes an expert to decipher these urban tales. Our fully guided Tel Aviv Street Art Tour, will take you through the most visible and famous graffiti in town, as well as some of the most hidden pieces of street art, and will uncover their stories for you. Our Tel Aviv Street Art tour is available every Tuesday, fully guided by an insider expert.

Graffiti in Israel was boosted in the early 2000s largely due to the British artist Banksy, one of the worlds most famous street art artists, who visited Israel & the Palestinian Authorities causing a stir in the local scene. Some pieces of Tel Aviv street art are just well executed art works representing the artistic flair of the city while others have a political or social criticism and can be served as a crash course to Israeli society. Come explore with us Tel Aviv’s urban art and, through it, explore provoking, moving, fascinating pieces of history, politics and culture of Israel itself.