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Tel Aviv Walking Street Art Tour

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This magical Tel Aviv Street Art tour will take you through a home to many popular Israeli graffiti and street artists known around the world which serves as a unique expression of the city’s geographical location, cultural peculiarities, political movements and artistic sub-cultures.
Tel Aviv is an open gallery of street art. The walls come to life, speak, play and interact with the architecture of this powerful city. This tour will take you through the most visible and famous graffiti in town including the British artist Banksy, one of the world’s most famous street art artists, who visited Israel & the Palestinian Authorities causing a swirl in the local scene as well as some of the most hidden pieces of street art, and will uncover their stories for you that are currently mushrooming all around the world.
The street of Tel Aviv becomes an open space for open canvas for the open mind  to create and inspired by the urban architecture and city dwellers get a free ticket to be immersed in this open galaxy of visual communication. Allow yourself plenty of time to walk around and to enjoy the landscape, energy, and colors of the graffiti.
Come learn about the history of graffiti, discuss philosophical, psychological and economical aspects of urban art, get to know the different agendas and styles of this constantly changing art that is a hidden part of our everyday lives.


  • 15:00