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2 Day Tour to Petra & Wadi Rum


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Visit amazing Petra together with the fascinating desert of Wadi Rum. including meals and full transports from Jerusalem



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  • Drive from Jerusalem to Eilat to the border with our professional assistance.
  • Jordanian English-speaking tour guide in Petra site.
  • Transfers in new model air-conditioned vehicles.
  • Transfer from Eilat through the amazingly beautiful Israeli Negev Desert region, with sunrise in the desert, and the spectacular desert scenery along the way to illustrate your journey.
  • Enjoy a guided tour of the ‘lost city of Petra’ (entrance fee included), including the important highlights that this wonder of the world holds including the Siq, Obelisk Tomb, Calligraphy, Treasury, Jabal Madbach (sacrificial palace), Tombs, Theater, Mountaintop Tombs.
  • Eat an authentic Jordanian lunch at Arabic restaurant serve delicious local cuisine.
  • Short panoramic tour of Aqaba.
  • Overnight accommodation in a Bedouin campsite at Wadi Rum enjoying the Bedouin hospitality and authentic meals (If you wish to stay in a hotel in Aqaba there is an option to stay at a hotel during the winter season when temperatures are low instead of a tent, there is an additional charge of $38.00 (USD).
  • Enjoying the Bedouin hospitality and authentic meals.
  • Explore Wadi Rum in a Two hours jeep safari through the breathtaking lunar-like desert landscape.
  • Night in a Bedouin tent in Wadi Rum including dinner and breakfast (there is also hot shower).
  • Visit the port city of Aqaba and enjoy its markets (time depending)
  • If time allows,use free time enjoy the highlights of Eilat, and take advantage of the beautiful Red Sea Beaches, or enjoy the city’s attractions.
  • Return to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

04:00 Pick up from Jerusalem (David Citadel Hotel) Show location on map

Our Petra and Wadi Rum Tour stars with pickup from and drive through the Dead Sea and Arravah Valley. Sunrise in Massada area. Arava Border Crossing with the help of our professional crew.

08:30-09:00 Border passing includes: border control and customs.
enlightenedThis process may take up to 2 hours - your patience is appreciated!

10:15 Transfer from the border to Petra in our newest model air-conditioned vehicles. Transport takes approximately 2 hours, passing through a vast and comfortable highway (the "desert way"), following through a scenic route on the mountain side, and arriving at Petra's historical site, known as one of the Seven Wonders Of The World.

12:15 The tour of Petra begins at the entrance to the site. Included in your package is an optional horseback riding for the first 200 meters of the route. The ride allows you to taste the unique atmosphere of the place (tipping the carrier is required, ranging from $2-$5 at your discretion).

16:15 Lunch at a local authentic restaurant.

17:00 Transport to Wadi Rum. 

18:30 Arrive in Wadi Rum and check into your tents
enlightenedOption to stay in a hotel in Aqaba instead for an additional charge.
19:30 Dinner at the camp.
Overnight in a Bedouin campsite in Wadi Rum.
Day 2
07:30 Morning in the desert.

08:00 Breakfast at the camp.
10:00 Jeep Safari tour in Wadi Rum.

12:00 Back to the camp, and transport back to Aqaba. 

13:00 City tour of Aqaba, and free time in the market for shopping (if time permits).

14:30 Transport to the border crossing in Aqaba.

Transport from the border to Eilat City - Free Time until 20.00 PM 

20:00 Transport from Eilat City to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
Dropoff at Grand Beach Hotel Tel-Aviv/David Citadel Jerusalem
Expected arrival time in Tel Aviv/Jerusalem: Midnight - 00:30
* All times are approximate 

 The tour ends, until next time…
Thank you from FUN-TIME wink
Petra tour
petra 2 days
      Wadi Rum
Wadi Rum
Bedouin Camp in Wadi Rum
Bait Ali Wadi Rum

                    Camp in Wadi Rum
Camp site Wadi Rum
INCLUDED in the Tour
  • Transfer from TLV/JLM to the border with our professional assistance.
  • Jordanian English-speaking tour guide in Petra site.
  • Transfers in new model air-conditioned vehicles.
  • Entrance fees
  • Lunch at a local restaurant in Petra.
  •  Short panoramic tour of Aqaba.
  • Night in a Bedouin tent in Wadi Rum including dinner and breakfast (there is also hot shower).
  • Two hours jeep safari tour in Wadi Rum.  
* Accommodation in the Bedouin camp is very minimal as you are staying in the middle of the beautiful desert.
If you wish to stay in a 3* hotel in Aqaba instead of a tent, there is an additional charge of $38.00 

* For transportation to hotel in Aqaba before 19.00PM, there is an additional fee of $15.00 (USD)
Change of vehicles is required for transfer of pick-up/drop-off destinations to save time, and avoid traffic and delay.
When registering it is a good idea to make sure that you use the same email and phone number, so that you can be notified about updates and important notices regarding the trip.
NOT INCLUDED in the Tour  
  • Health insurance.
  • Riding on donkeys, horses, and carriages in Petra (available for an additional payment).
  • All types of drinks.
  • Visa Issue $60 (USD)
Tax border:The assistant will collect a total of 65$ 
Must be paid in Cash
(this includes the border taxes for both Israel and Jordan and the transportation)

Please note: In case of pre-arranged visa
       $15 will be charged while leaving Jordan
enlightenedNationalities who DO NOT need a visa 
     $15 will be charged when leaving Jordan

Payment and Registration
 - Please register with the exact information that is written in your passport.
 - Payment for the trip by credit card, or wire transfer must be made before the tour.
 - Payment by cash in dollars or New Israeli Shekels (at the high rate) can be made on the day of the tour.
If you decide to pay in credit card, then you will be charged in a commission rate of 2.8%. 
Map of Petra site

Description of Petra Tour

1. A walk from the main entrance to the Siq (a narrow    canyon stretching  1200 meters long).

2. Obelisk – a homage to the kings

3. Calligraphy's

4. Treasury (Hazna Pharaoh) a beautiful monument

5. Tombs

6. Theatre

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